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Hi! Look at the images of a geezer with a camera below. You will see a young man with an old camera and an old man with a young camera.They are both me, though I'm not sure I know the young man any more. I understand him, though.
The links between them are photography and music. The young bloke loved them, as does the old one. I've put this site together as much for myself as anyone else in some way to consolidate in my own mind the elements that have made my life so often a joy to live.

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Here you'll find examples of my work as a pro photographer, from my training on the Kent and Sussex Courier, via the London Evening News, Sunday Express, daily Mail, News of the World, 2 years working for Paul McCartney, foreign and British magazines and assorted show biz people (slebs, they're called now) through to the the bits 'n bobs I do now for a stock agency.
Also some videos that I shoot on my M4/3 camera of my bike rides, my attempts at playing guitar and especially, of the great artists whom I go to see at the Boom Boom Club
Plus, cartoons that I used to do. They were used by The Daily Telegraph Online, won a Guardian 'Best of the Web' award and a prize for Demon Internet best home page. Some find them hilarious, some just don't get it
Either way, you'll find they're worth every penny they cost you.
And, if you're into photography, my YouTube photo instruction and review playlist. And there's more! Hit M4/3 blog above and you can read and comment on some of my views on photography in general and the M4/3 equipment in particular.

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